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Insolvency Brisbane, what is it and how do I get started? Brisbane Debt Solutions describes Insolvency as a business that cannot repay its debts to its creditors. Although business seems easy, in order for a business to run, the business needs to generate sufficient income to repay items such as wages, electricity, motor vehicle repayments, as well as liabilities such as bank loans, motor vehicle loans and other monies borrowed. Should the business fail to do so, and cannot repay its debts, the business is deemed insolvent, thus Insolvency Brisbane. 

insolvency brisbane

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Given the above, should the business be deemed insolvent, a company can be placed into liquidation in two ways:

  • Court Liquidation; and
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

The above liquidation process are described below:

Court Liquidation

The creditors of a company may wind up a company should they deem a company insolvent. This is determined by a company failing to pay their debts. This is a Judicial Appointment made by the courts places a company into liquidation as per the notice by creditors, directors, shareholders or ASIC. Once these proceedings commence, it is noted that the creditors of the company cannot take legal action against the company until they have consent approval from the court.  

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

A creditors voluntary liquidation is an insolvency Brisbane process where the members of a company consider their company insolvent. Likewise, this is such when a they cannot pay their debts indefinitely. A company is then placed into a CVL after this is deemed and after following the advice of Brisbane Debt Solutions. A CVL is the most prominent form of a Liquidation. 

Likewise, the above processors are in place in attempt to repay the creditors with some funds after, if any, assets are obtained and sold through an Auction or Open Market Sale. 


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